Critic's Bash Pizza Hut Book-It

Yes, that school program you remember from when you were an 80s child has been denounced by stupid people who believe it's responsible for making kids fat. In case you missed it, Book-It is a program in which kids read books and earn free pizza at Pizza Hut when they've read X number of them.

Critics say it's bad to reward kids with food and it's nothing but marketing. These people have high-end college level degrees. See what those shiny pieces of paper do for some people? They let you get paid for being stupid.

Do you think kids will suddenly not want Pizza Hut if Book-It was called off? No. Want to know why? THEY SERVE PIZZA. Book-It or not, these kids are READING. You know, the thing they say kids should be doing instead of playing video games? Now they're bitching because because they're reading too? There's only one very obvious statement left, which if you know me, you probably know what that is and it will save you from clicking on the break.

To those who feel the Pizza Hut Book-It program is bad, even though 200 million free pizzas have been given out (and likely three times as many books read at minimum):



Thank you for your time.

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