Meancode Media Goes Brick and Mortar

As if I needed another reason to be busy this week, I am moving my small business out of my apartment and into an office downtown. It has been a long time coming.

I snapped some quick shots before we started moving in.

Meancode Media, LLC, Martini Creative, and Winged Design will be sharing this office. It is so nice being able to split the rent!

We even have an intern lined up. How cool is that?

We just bought a G4 off of eBay to use as a file server, and I set that up today (OS X Server, of course). Verizon didn't deliver the DSL modem twice this week, it should be here tomorrow. Then I can get the networking going.

Sadly, only one room has a drop ceiling. The rest of them are 1x1 tiles that we will have to carefully pry down to be able to fish all the Ethernet.

Thats gonna be a blast.

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