Sony Tries to Bully Kotaku

Wow, this debacle may be over, but this is another black eye for SCEA PR. How can they think they can do that to Kotaku, who was only doing their job as journalists?

I am just dumbfounded that Sony would threaten to take away press privileges if Kotaku does their job.

Kudos to Brian for going ahead with the RUMOR and kudos for Sony for *quickly* coming to their senses on this one.

For those know need a refresher: Kotaku ran an article on the rumor of the PlayStation Home. Sony threatened that if they ran the article (they did) that all press privileges, such as a debug unit, meetings at GDC, and other press events, would be revoked. Then Sony finally came to their senses.

How can Sony tell a journalist not to do their job?

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