Paradise by the dashboard light?

This past Wednesday a large part of Bowling Green, including BGSU, was without electricity.

I was actually working on my computer when it all went dark. I am happy to report that my UPS works quite well.

Getting home was a chore, as their were traffic cops on Wooster and Main. The back roads were risky at best, as apparently when the electricity is out, drivers cannot comprehend the meaning of a four way stop sign.

With no power, I fired up my PSP and played my new review copy of Pocket Pool (which is absolute crap). I lit my apartment by the screens on my PowerBook and Dell Inspiron. Yea, I'm a geek, but it worked just fine.

Power came back around 11 PM, and I had to get the newspaper server running again so they could hammer out a paper, it got done pretty far past deadline because of the blackout, at around 2 AM. Always fun times in the newsroom.

If you get the reference to the headline, you have good taste in music. If you get the double reference, you are a Mac geek.

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