Stupid C5150n Printer Driver, Stupid Windows

We have an OKIDATA C5150n printer in the office. It is a nice printer, even has Bonjour (Zeroconf). Setting it up on the Mac was a breeze, even without using Bonjour. Download the driver, go to Print Center, click More Printers, choose OKI TCP/IP and pop in the printer's IP address, and you are done. Or just use Bonjour and you are done in one step. But I explained the "hard" way to prove a point.

We have a couple Windows XP-based computers in the office. Installing this printer on Windows, not very strait-forward. No instructions or FAQ on the OKI site had a shred of help either. I am not joking.

I ended up playing dumb (not hard to do on a Friday) and called OKI tech. support. They had me up and running in no time, it was so simple the instructions should be on their driver download page.

Sadly, there is a few rather gaping holes between steps 3 and 7:

3. Launch Add Printer Wizard
4. When prompted for the Manufacturer and Model click on Have Disk
5. Browse to the following location "C:\OKIDATA\C5150\English"
6. Click on OK
7. Follow the prompts to finish the driver installation
Please allow me to make some modifications (in italics):

3. Launch Add Printer Wizard. Click Next.
3.1 Select "Local Printer Attached to This Computer." Hold on their champ, are you serious? Yes, I am. We are setting up a network printer that is *not* attached to this computer. Deselect "Automatically Detect and Install my Plug and Play Printer." Click Next.
3.2 Select "Create a New Port." Chose "Standard TCP/IP Port." Wait a minute, why would TCP/IP be an option under "Local Computer." Windows really baffles me sometimes. Click Next.
3.3 Click Next.
3.4 In the "Printer Name or IP Address" field, type the IP Address of the printer. Click Next.
3.5 Click Next (Generic Network Card for Device Type should be selected).
3.6 Click Finish (No, not done yet)
4. When prompted for the Manufacturer and Model click on Have Disk
5. Browse to the following location "C:\OKIDATA\C5150\English\Win2k_xp" and Double Click (Open) Ok724.
6. Click on OK.
6.1 Click Next.
6.2 Select "Do Not Share This Printer." Click Next.
6.3 Click Next. (Name the printer if you wish)
6.3 "Do You Want to Print a Test Page?" Yes. (Why not?) Click Next.
6.4 Click Finish. (Yes, really done this time -- not really)
6.5 Click OK if the printer printed the test page.
7. Follow the prompts to finish the driver installation.

It is obvious to me that these people do not understand how to write documentation. Who would think that to setup a network printer they would chose "Local Printer Attached to This Computer."

I did not go to college for technical writing, but seeing things like this make me wish I did.

You can also get Bonjour for Windows. But I didn't figure that out until after I successfully installed the printer.

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