Update Webmonkey (and I hate GoLive, part XVII)

The first thing I am doing for Haley is web updates on a couple sites, nothing terribly exciting, or even worth posting about - except that I am now using Adobe GoLive on a production basis.

I have used every version of GoLive, even before Adobe owned it. When GoLive owned it, GoLive CyberStudio was a pretty good product, even though it was more a designer tool than a coder tool.

Now up to version 8, or CS2, the program has serious issues. I have been critical of GoLive in the past here on my blog, but I have never had to use it on a daily basis to get production work done.

I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to do something -- that is easily done in Dreamweaver -- and there seems to be no equivalent in GoLive. It is quite frustrating.

I have a training disc on GoLive CS (the version Haley uses) so I am going to watch that to get better acclimated, but I will only do site updates in GoLive. There is no way I am developing new sites in it.

After using the application in a time sensitive production environment, I can see why GoLive is not part of the upcoming Adobe CS 3 package.

I am quite happy that Adobe is providing a Site Migration GoLive extension as part of Dreamweaver CS3.

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