Verizon DSL Is Infuriating

I cannot tell you how much time I have lost in the last week or two because of our Verizon DSL at work. I spent no less than six hours on the phone with them this weekend.

Our download speeds are fine, at 3 MB, our upload speeds are next to nothing, and should be 768 KB.

This makes for non working conditions. It takes literally five minutes to upload a 70 KB file, as the file starts to upload, then the connection just drops out, and will not complete the request for minutes.

I have never been a fan of DSL, and this is not helping matters any. The latest theory by the Verizon tech. support is that when the electrician (from the rental agency) put in the new wall jack in my office, he really fubared the voice and data wires.

Verizon will, at no charge (thank god) come out and split the data and voice lines. But we are going to have to find a competent electrician, as we are not paying Verizon $175 (for the first hour, $110 each additional hour).

After being on the phone with these guys for at least a week over this same issue they finally decided that maybe it would be a good idea to test a different node. This would take us off line for up to 24 hrs. That was fine, as this was early Saturday.

They didn't start until 5 PM on Sunday, which is right when I am working on a deadline for a client's web site. This also likely means that we will not have Internet in the office until 5 PM or so on Monday.

If they say they are going to switch something, and then ask me twice if it is OK to do it, and then tell me that by Sunday afternoon the Internet will be back up and running again, THEN THEY DAMN WELL SHOULD DO THAT.

If it is not evident, I am beyond pissed at this Verizon DSL at this point, and I have multiple clients that are getting pissed at me because I have not been able to get work done, because I have been dealing with support issues, phone issues, fax issues, Internet issues, bandwidth issues, Ethernet issues, and why the hell does this have to happen now issues.

As I said, the new phone jack that was installed in my office seems to be the root of the problem. This means I can't use the phone in my office. For some reason whenever we hook up the fax, we cannot use any phones in the office (same thing happens in both cases, it grounds them all out).

Not all of the phone jacks have been switched over to be able to use both lines (as we just had a second line installed last week). So yea, its a nerve racking mess. And I haven't been able to get my work done.

Oh, and of course, since all my computer equipment is at work, I have nothing at home to use. And hell if I am going to lug my G5 home temporarily. By the time I had all the software installed on this old PowerBook that I would need, it would be time to go to bed, which is what I am doing right now.

I sure hope I have better news soon.

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