I got a raise! Lots to do this summer!

Not only did I get a raise, I got a raise on my birthday. How cool is that? And it looks like a lot is going on this summer at Student Publications. We will be upgrading our advertising software out of Mac OS 9 (thank God) and moving away from FoxPro (thank God). The new system will be running under OS X and a MySQL database with a Tomcat server.

Sure, you might not have a clue what I just said, but let me make this much clear: Mac OS 9 died at WWDC in 2002. For those playing at home, that was five years ago. I hate supporting Mac OS 9 almost as much as I hate Flash sites.

We are also set to get new computers thanks to the university's desktop replacement program - though I am not yet sure how many will get replaced. Usually its about six computers.

There is also this super top secret project that I can't talk about yet. But its gonna be a lot of fun. More on it when the time comes.

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