I hate Flash sites, part XIII

I hate Flash sites. This is ancient history on this blog. I loath Flash sites for video games. Especially when they crash my browser on repeated attempts to load the site. All I want to do is copy the system requirements for an email and I have to sit through a flipping Flash preloader.

The Flash site for the game Ancient Wars: Sparta will not load in Safari 2.0.4 or Firefox on the Mac. Its not like I have an ancient computer (har har).

My 1 Ghz PowerBook with 1 GB of RAM, while old, can handle some rather Flash-intense Web sites. But not this one (which I am not even going to link to).

Every last one of these sites should have an HTML version. This is utterly ridiculous. I can't wait to test this site out on my G5 and Dell Inspiron tomorrow, just to see how bad it is.

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