PSOne Games on PS3 Finally Work, Still 480i

That 1.7 firmware upgrade that proclaimed that PSOne games would work on the PS3 was not a funny joke. Nice one Sony. Next time don't use the word "now" when you mean "the first week in May."

So anyways, the PS3's emulation of PS1 games is just as crappy with the downloadable versions than it is with real PS1 discs. That crappyness comes by the fact that your screen it dropped to 480i and you are staring at a stretched PS1 game. You have to change your TV to 4:3 yourself.

The Nintendo Wii does this too. It is not so much the fault of Sony or Nintendo, but because they are not running them in 480p. If they were, as the Xbox 360 handles legacy games, the screen would not be stretched, black bars would show on the left and right. This is one thing the Xbox 360 does very well, and never gets any credit for.

You can test this yourself by manually dropping your Xbox 360 to 480i before putting in a compatible Xbox game. Now to double check, put your TV back to what ever HDTV resolution you had it in, and then start your Xbox game again. You will notice the 360 drops down to 480p and does not stretch the game.

Of course when you reboot to the 360 Dashboard you are back to your original resolution (the PS3 does this) and you do not have to switch your aspect ration on your TV (PS3, not so much).

Other than that small (quite annoying) detail, it is wonderful to, six months after the feature was expected, be able to play the games I already payed for on the PS3.

The inclusion of the software manuals is a nice touch. This is not handled like the Wii Virtual Console, but it is a digital replica of the original PS1 instruction manual. Everything, including the instruction manual, is the same as it is on the PSP. It is great to finally be able to play these downloads on the PS3.

I can't imagine anyone else out there buying more PS1 games now that they are actually playable on both the PSP and PS3. I wonder if Sony ever thought of that.

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