The Passing of Another Ferret

We lost another. Sierra was given to us after being found running through a neighborhood loose. She was extremely aggressive, biting everyone and everything. It earned her the nickname Vampira. It’s amazing anyone would let her go, especially given her gorgeous albino coat that assuredly cost someone a staggering amount of money.

Over time, she grew used to us and became quite lovable. We never knew her age. She was never the over active playing type of ferret, content to eat and then find a place to sleep in the most comfortable place possible. While she enjoyed the occasional ball and tunnel run, she was very much the type of animal to keep to herself.

Whatever happened to her happened amazingly fast. Late last Wednesday, we noticed she was extremely listless and her back legs were giving out. That’s rarely a good sign. Called the vet but couldn’t get her in. By Thursday, she was ready to go, and there’s was little point in making her suffer through a vet visit especially since she didn’t seem to be in pain. Her belly had swollen significantly. We knew she was on her way out.

She held on until Friday. I had to work at 5 until 9. We didn’t put her back in the cage after letting her out in the morning. We let her choose the most comfortable spot. I left for work knowing she probably wouldn’t be around when I got back.

She chose a place underneath a chair, a place I never saw her so much as walk under previously. Amazingly, she hung on until I got home from work. I laid on the floor and talked to her for about five minutes. Her head moved slightly to look directly at me, then laid her head down for the last time. It’s as if she waited for me come home and see her go.

She was by far one of the most gorgeous animals I’ve ever owned. She will not be forgotten, more or less due to the excessive scarring I have due to her biting early on. Oddly enough, we loved her for it, and always will.

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