Coffin Takes Seven Days to Arrive, Missing Return Label

My Xbox 360 coffin took seven full business days to arrive, not the two to three I was told on the phone. Counting weekends, thats about a week and a half of time to wait. This does not instill much confidence in the "10 days for repair" I was told over the phone.

So it is packed up and shipped back to Microsoft, or rather their cemetery/repair center in Texas. Well, I would have shipped it today had the box come with the return address label that the instructions said are in the box.

So I am now oh hold with Microsoft Support. This same return label problem happened to Juganawt months ago.

So they are canceling the first coffin, and sending another one. I am not very impressed Microsoft.

Actually, right now I am pretty pissed off, because I just found out that I can play none of my XBLA games when not connected to Live. I remember reading about that, but I never though I would have to worry about the new hardware issue.

I am going to assume I will be getting a new piece of hardware, whenever they can send me a coffin with a return address label, and if that is the case, you can be sure I will raise holy hell. I should be able to play my XBLA games that I paid money for when and if I am not online at the time.

Now wait number two begins. Because someone did not double check the contents of the box, I have to wait for a second coffin.

Will the one month free for Xbox Live that I was promised be enough when this is all said and done?

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