Die Hard 4.0

Everything about this movie, besides the title (I really have a problem with that name), was a solid summer movie going experience. We all know that Bruce Willis can escort people around (16 Blocks) and Mac Guy Justin Long does a good job at being the funny dumb guy.

The cyber-terrorism plot seems fitting for the entire post-9/11 sympathetic angle.

Kevin Smith gives a good performance. Jordan and I saw the 7 PM showing and it sounded like everyone was enjoying it. We give it two thumbs up.

Is it just me, or can you not shake Cliff Curtis' role in Collateral Damage out of your heard?

Be sure to look for the stereotypically "good guys have Mac, bad guys have PC" shtick. At the beginning of the movie Justin Long's Matt Farrell character has an Apple Cinema display. He is running Linux, and no Mac was shown, but it was an Apple Cinema display, looked like the 20" or 23" model.

In one the later scenes, one of the bad guys picks up an Alienware laptop. At least the shot of the Apple monitor was just a camera pan, the Alienware laptop was practically framed in the shot.

Other product placement, there was just tons, was Palm and Nokia phones. The Palm Pilots used seemed antiquated, actually. Poor choice if you ask me.

The screen graphics department for this film must have used half the budget. Considering the plot, it makes sense that you would see a lot of computer screens doing a lot of things, but man, tons of screen graphics.

Finally, a summer movie I am not disappointed I saw (see: Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Pirates 3, Fantastic 4 2). Die Hard 4.0, err, Live Free or Die Hard, was the best movie I have seen this summer, better than Oceans Thirteen. Now I can't wait to see The Borne Ultimatum.

They took a big risk -- Willis is 52 -- but I think its gonna pay off. Lots of great explosions, a few good laughs and thank The Lord no cliffhanger at the end.

Now the big question is: will Rambo come through next year?

On a total side note, does anyone remember Die Hard Trilogy on the PS1?

Oh yea, Timothy Olyphant just doesn't seem right to play Agent 47. He looks too young (with a shaved head).

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