One Month Later, My Referb Xbox 360 Arrives

It has been one full month, I kid you not. My 360 died on May 27, and I just got it back today, June 29. I would have got it on the 28th had I been home to sign for it. But that is a full month without my 360.

I did not get a new shell, it still says the same serial number, same born on date. But it does have a different serial number, so it must have been a motherboard swap, which I have been hearing about lately.

I had five or six XBLA games to download!

I did get a letter hoping to "regain my trust," and a one month free card for Xbox Live has been included to ease my pain. So, finally, I can get back on Xbox Live.

Savvy readers know I have not been without an Xbox 360. I just have not been able to get online with my other unit. Let me tell you - an Xbox 360 without Xbox Live really isn't worth playing.

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