Places to Avoid Eating when in Toledo

Two new restauraunts opened up recently locally. One is Johnny's Lunch, who claims their burgers are "hot and juicy but never greasy." Bullshit. The burgers we had were drowning in so much grease that when we pulled them off the tray, they left a puddle behind through the wrapper. Trying to remove them from the wrapper was nearly impossible. The bottom bread was stuck completely to the paper. That will be the last time we eat there, as the burgers were flat and nasty on top of the other issues.

Next up we have CiCi's Pizza, with claims of "Almost Too Good to be True!" Yeah, it is. It's an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, only with some of the worst pizza I've ever had. Not only are the pizzas in no way labeled (I can't handle spicy food, and took a giant bite out of what I thought was a basic chicken, and it turned out to be chicken and jalepeno), it was horrible pizza. Lacking in flavor and variety, we won't be going back, even to play in their little arcade with a four player Cruisin' World set up. Okay, maybe we will for that last one.

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I have eaten at CiCI's Pizza in Massillon and am pretty sure the pizzas were labeled, and I thought the food was pretty good.

But this is Toledo we are talking about.

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