Ridge Racer 7 DLC

They have been promising this, oh, since the game came out. Yesterday, they delivered, in spades. On the PlayStation Store are 25 new races, 14 new decal sets, and 20 new BMG music tracks. The races and decal sets are free. The music costs $0.99 for each, or $14.99 for all 20.

I don't even have to explain how much I love the PS Store fore using real money values. When DLC came out for Ridge Racer 6 on the 360, you didn't have nice tidy prices like $0.99. Of course if my 360 worked, I could check and see how much those BMG tracks cost for RR 6.

My only complaint is having to download each of the 25 races and 14 decal sets individually. These are so small, why not package them together?

It is great to get new content for RR 7, and has put that game back in my PS3. It is a nice compliment to playing Calling All Cars online ;)

Kudos to Namco for giving us a bunch of free DLC for RR 7.

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