Update on "processing this directive" Error

Movable Type support (they are great) tells me that it is not an MT error, which I figured. So I have to go back to my host and see whats up. It might be a file permissions problem on PHP files. We shall see. What a pain in the ass.

This is a new one for me, and I have installed Movable Type a zillion times on many different hosts.

This will slow down moving the Breaking Windows domain a bit.

Update: Indeed, it is a permissions issue. The server, for some reason, is writing PHP files with the permissions of 666 (should be 644). Once you reload the page on the "processing this directive" error, the web server corrects the problem, setting the file to 644. Now to talk to my new host about this.

Update 2: Host Monster runs under suexec, and requires files to have 644. Movable Type, by default, writes files as 666. This is an easy fix, though.

Now I just have to back up all my files on breakingwindows.com. *yawn*

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