I am impressed with firmware 1.90

Sony has had a lot of firmware updates to get to 1.90, but this one is impressive. It is impressive because it takes care of three major annoyances I have had, and adds some other nice features to the PS3:

1) I can finally set my XMB wallpaper... because I have been able to do that for some time now on my PSP.

2) I am not required to plug my controller in via USB to run the update. Whoever made that part of the update process deserves to be shot in the kneecap. I mean, seriously, connect controller via USB cable to continue update? Thank you Sony for taking this irritating step out of the firmware update process.

3) You can no sort the GAME portion of the XMB by Type, this is really helpful when you have five or six PS1 games, three or so demos, and about 11 other PSN games. This is a very welcome addition to the XMB interface.

The update does offer some other impressive items, one of which is a nice overlay that shows in the lower right-hand corner for a couple seconds that tell you which buttons to push to bring up various functions. This is usually the Triangle button, but its a nice touch and gives the XMB that much more polish.

Other notable additions include:

Emoticons in messages; new display options that will allow you to adjust your display while playing PlayStation, PlayStation2 and Blu-ray movies; The ability to eject a disc via the Triangle menu; play AVCHD videos saved on a Memory Stick or digital video camera; ability to upscale audio CD output from your PS3.

Best of all, the update came early. We were only today it would be available "soon" even though Japan got their 1.90 update already.

Nice job Sony, especially for the three items I listed at the top.

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