New PSN Game: Nucleus

Sony put Nucleus online today, and for a change, included the demo day and date to the full game. You see, they have not done this with many games. If the demo goes up at all, it is many times days later.

This is in stark contrast to how XBLA works, where you can always play the demo before you purchase a game.

Kudos to Sony on this one. Please keep this practive up. We like demos.

Is the acronym YADAS used yet? It should be, this is Yet Another Dual Analog Shooter. It also has the cell type theme that Blast Factor has.

This demo has three levels, a good amount of variety to guage if it is a purchase or not. Your goal is to collect eight power ups in 90 seconds in one level; another level is a survival level where you must clear X amount of points. You can "push" cells together before you shoot them, so that they release more protien, and of course give you a higher score. You can also use cells as a blockade, which is neat.

The game says it has over 40 levels, it does have a two player mode, and it has some nice creapy techno music. Now that I think about it, the music (at least in this demo) has a very Metroid sound to it. Think of the menu music from Metroid Prime on the GameCube and you would be very close to this. The visuals are nice, it has a simple hud, also nice, but in the end, it is YADAS.

But with the darth of PS3 software right now, I will likely pick it up.

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