Transformers (2007)

I don't have many complaints about this film. It was a lot of fun. I will say this however, I was not psyched to see it. I did not go into the theater with huge expectations. But I am glad I saw the film.

The CG work done by Industrial Light + Magic is once again absolutely amazing. I had no idea that Dreamworks farmed the work out.

The story line was well crafted. It had some Men In Black overtones with the Sector 7 agents. The movie had some great humor, very campy. School of Adam West campy. The one-liners were good, but almost too much.

But my problem was not the humor. Hugo Weaving voiced Megatron (to which he did a great job) and has a line in the final battle with Prime that sounds as if Agent Smith is talking to Neo in The Matrix. It is unmistakable to the lore of The Matrix, and was easy to pick out. The line just bothered me, and it was worse that it was Hugo Weaving.

My biggest gripe is the scene where the Autobots are "hiding" around Sam's house. BumbleBee even trips on a power line. It is just one of those "look ma, we animated this because we can" scenes and could have been cut down in length, or cut entirely.

It really did nothing to further the story.

My last problem was the new look of Megatron. He just looks weird in this movie. Who decided to make him look like that for the film? Boggles the mind.

Back to the animation for a moment. One very hard aspect of CG work is conveying weight and mass. Another hard one to tackle is emotion. ILM really nailed the weight and mass of the Transformers. They really felt like they were interacting with the environments, even with the flowers next to Sam's house.

They managed to be successful with emotion by giving the Transformers mouths, and facial expressions, including some rather intricate eye animations.

Bottom line - this movie is worth seeing a second time, especially for the CG work, not to mention Megan Fox

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