AdManager Pro 4 Upgrade

Last week was a long work week for me. Not only did I have training from 9-5, but then I had to get web work done after that. MediaSpan training went well though, and now our Advertising department is out of OS 9, which is such a blessing.

It is going to be great to not have to support OS 9 any more, I cannot express how much I have been looking forward to this day.

Of course I will now get a lot of OS X questions, because it is very new to those working in our Advertising department, but it is much easier to support something that you use every day. Especially considering I have not used OS 9 for at least six years now.

I was not present when they did the training in 1997 for AdManager Pro 2 (I had to chose between learning Editorial or Advertising, and I chose Editorial) so now I have a much better understanding of how AMP works.

Two big jumps at once, AMP 2 to 4 and OS 9 to X, similar to when Editorial jumped from Quark and OS 9 to InDesign and OS X.

We are also getting Liners Online, which will allow people to purchase classified ads right on our site. This will be installed soon.

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ThomK [TypeKey Profile Page]:


I am resposible for doing almost the exact same upgrades as you have done here. Just curious, why did you move away from Quark?


Why did we switch from Quark? Because InDesign is so much easier to use. I will tell you this, from a support standpoint, InDesign is a lot easier that Quark to support end users on.

And, as I remember it (bear with me, its been a few years since we did the Quark switch) it was because Quark wanted WAY to much for an "upgrade," We had a site license for Quark 4, and to get a OS X version we needed to upgrade to Quark 5. They did not sell upgrades to Quark 5, and were going to give us no discount because we are an educational institution -- despite the fact that they had given us discounts on the site licenses for Quark 3 and Quark 4.

InDesign was a lot cheaper, many people were moving to it. I didn't and don't lose one bit of sleep for making the switch to InDesign.

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