TTAM #3: My Referb 360 Sucks

So I have a refurbished Xbox 360 now, thanks to the RROD. I have two complaints with it, both of which are really irritating me lately.

Problem #1) I turn the system on my the wireless controller, the 360 does not actually turn on (no video signal) but the green light in the middle of the Ring of Light stays on. The controller never syncs with the console either.

Using my remote to turn the system off and then on again sometimes works, but not always. I usually have to power down the unit completely and then turn it back on again.

Problem #2) Even though I have the options checked in the Dashboard, my "new" 360 does not connect to Xbox Live. It signs into my profile just fine, but then will not login to Xbox Live.

Like I said, two annoying glitches in my referb 360. Why can't Microsoft make solid hardware? Oh, thats right, because they are a software company.

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