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September 1, 2007

Tiger Woods 08 is Buggy

I really do not see how these things get missed during QA, especially a show stopped like this. In the Tiger Challege there is a Skins challenge that is glitches. Late in the round it will freeze your console.

This means a number of Achievement Points are not obtainable (reminding me of Tiger 06) not to mention you cannot unlock one of the new (beautiful) courses in the game. On top of that, you cannot unlock Henrietta Brockway.

But we are not done with the agony of one of my favorite game franchises. Photo Game Face is also broken. You cannot upload photos to the EA servers. You can use Xbox Live Vision, sure, but uploading photographs would generate much better results.

Someone I played online told me the Tiger Challenge glitch was on Elite 360s only, fancy that, I just got my Elite. However, I just tried it on a non-Elite and it froze too. I hope a patch is on its way.

September 10, 2007

TTAM #4: Can I please pause the fucking game?

Sorry for you kiddies out there, but this really pisses me off. I am playing Tiger Woods 08, I need to restart a match, and it WILL NOT LET ME PAUSE THE FUCKING GAME. Hello, when was the last time you pressed the -- dedicated button might I remind you -- start button on the controller and it DID NOT pause the game? In Tiger Woods 08, that's when!

It doesn't matter if you are up to hit, or your opponent is, you cannot pause the game at any time to hit Retry. You have to wait until your/your opponents animation is over (even if you hit A to skip it), and wait until the golfer addresses the ball, only then can you pause the game.

Developers, please, the Start button on every controller is known for two things: it pauses the game, and usually brings up some kind of menu. It is an ingenious concept, really. One that has been ingrained in gamers minds for over 20 years now.

There is no conceivable reason to NOT be able to pause the game at any time in Tiger Woods 08, or any other game for that matter.

The hardware button is there for a reason, please do us all a favor and use it as such.

September 13, 2007

When PS3 Firmware Updates Go Bad

It could be worse, it could have bricked my PS3. Firmware 1.93 (strikingly close to 1.92) is trying to download on my PS3. It has failed four times now. Knock on wood, this time it will finish, because with no update means absolutely no online gaming on the PS3.

You must download the updated firmware to go online. I see the need for this, but when the Sony server cannot deliver the update to my PS3, I see this is a wrench in their system.

From visiting a few forums, official or otherwise, I am not the only one with the download problems. And what exactly does 1.93 do? Lets hope it fixes all those connection issues people were having with Warhawk.

Bad Week for my Macs

My 5-year-old (!) PowerBook G4 needs a new power supply. I noticed the power cord had exposed wires around the neck where it plugs into the PowerBook. Electrical tape did the trick only for a day. Thats $70 for an Apple 65 W power brick.

My 3-year-old G5, which still plugs away quite well I might add, has a bad keyboard. The D key sticks. Too bad I can't just replace the D key, its the membrane that is bad, not the key itself. I have a wireless bluetooth Apple keyboard, so I was not too upset, not until I found out that my wireless keyboard won't turn on, even with fresh batteries.

A new Apple Pro Keyboard is $60. You may think I am crazy (well, I am sure you do already) but I much prefer spending the extra money on the Apple Tax and get the better keyboard than spending $20 on a cheap USB keyboard.

Not a good week for my Macs. That is $130 plus tax, no fun. At least its a tax write off.

September 14, 2007

Heavenly Sword 720p ONLY, Plus Initial Impressions

Sony really has a big problem. You see, if your TV does not support 720p -- say it supports 1080i -- you will be playing Heavenly Sword in wonderful EDTV, otherwise known as 480p.

What. The. Hell.

This was a problem with many launch games, but this system is almost a year old. I feel sorry for those early adopters that do not have TVs that support 720p.

In other news, the game is quite good. Although Gamespot said it took six hours to complete, I have read of people taking upwards of eight or nine hours. Is the game "short" or are people never satisfied with anything?

I pick option number two.

AfterTouch, which allows you to control the flight of projectiles such as arrows and cannon balls, its just loads of fun.

The game has a strong story and highly paid voice and motion capture actors. They do the trick, the dialog and animation is well done.

I stopped playing, as it is 3 AM, at the beginning of Chapter 2, which is where the really short demo was taken from.

I envision a few playthroughs to unlock everything. There are advanced combo moves to unlock, as well as an entire unlock shop (special features) with concept art, movies, etc.

Is it a purchase? It is likely a rental for most, but I do not rent games. Is it a game I will play months down the road? Likely.

September 16, 2007

The Flying Olive Site is Live

We have only been in the office for six months, but we finally got the site online. It is mostly complete, including a portfolio gallery. Verizon was (once again) conspiring against us, and so we did not have Internet on-and-off for two days last week, so it is all up as a static site -- we had wanted to set the site up in Movable Type. I will put the site into MT later, right now the site is online.

You may notice there is a right column that has nothing in it. That is not a mistake, we will be putting something in that column, I just have no content for that yet.

I see I forgot to make a Favicon for the site, I will have to do that Monday.

Be sure and read my bio on the site, Haley and I had a lot of fun writing it.

Heartandsoul Site Live

I forgot to mention it, but a couple weeks ago the new Heartandsoul site is live. This site came together very well, though slowly to be sure. It is comprised of a Movable Type-based site and PHPList for the newsletter, plus SMF for the forums. The site also uses Calabunga, but it always did, we just put it into an IFRAME so it was branded and not just a new window.

I did not produce the Flash for the home page -- Michelle and Haley did -- but I did polish it off in the end, and I am quite happy how that turned out.

September 19, 2007

PSP Slim Video Doesn't Fill Screen

Want that video output feature on the PSP? Make sure you don't want it to fill your screen, because it does this:

Free Image Hosting at

UMDs fill your screen, the XMB media bar fills your screen. Games? Not so much. This is utter crap. On top of that, if you don't have a 480p enabled TV, you can't play games on a TV at all.

September 24, 2007

Halo 3 MP Servers are Live!

What a long weekend. It was rough, you know, I had to play Halo 3. Tonight I completed the single player campaign, and Microsoft finally turned the Halo 3 servers back on (since Thursday night they had been turned off, meaning no matchmaking).

I got my first double kill and killing spree in my first match, so I am a happy camper.

Halo 3 is "optimized for hard drive"

I have looked at all my Xbox 360 game cases, and have never seen this designation before, but right after the HDTV badge is "optimized for hard drive."

I wonder what that means. Maybe when the hard drive is present, the game loads faster? I have been very pleased with the loading times for the game, both campaign and MP.

September 30, 2007

That didn't take long

That didn't take long, the ass holes have invaded Halo 3. The honeymoon is over, we now have to deal with the winning, loud, obnoxious 14-year-olds that will not shut up.


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