Bad Week for my Macs

My 5-year-old (!) PowerBook G4 needs a new power supply. I noticed the power cord had exposed wires around the neck where it plugs into the PowerBook. Electrical tape did the trick only for a day. Thats $70 for an Apple 65 W power brick.

My 3-year-old G5, which still plugs away quite well I might add, has a bad keyboard. The D key sticks. Too bad I can't just replace the D key, its the membrane that is bad, not the key itself. I have a wireless bluetooth Apple keyboard, so I was not too upset, not until I found out that my wireless keyboard won't turn on, even with fresh batteries.

A new Apple Pro Keyboard is $60. You may think I am crazy (well, I am sure you do already) but I much prefer spending the extra money on the Apple Tax and get the better keyboard than spending $20 on a cheap USB keyboard.

Not a good week for my Macs. That is $130 plus tax, no fun. At least its a tax write off.

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What PowerBook G4 is it? My 800 Mhz turned 5 years this July. It's still working, but in the twilight of its career.

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