Heavenly Sword 720p ONLY, Plus Initial Impressions

Sony really has a big problem. You see, if your TV does not support 720p -- say it supports 1080i -- you will be playing Heavenly Sword in wonderful EDTV, otherwise known as 480p.

What. The. Hell.

This was a problem with many launch games, but this system is almost a year old. I feel sorry for those early adopters that do not have TVs that support 720p.

In other news, the game is quite good. Although Gamespot said it took six hours to complete, I have read of people taking upwards of eight or nine hours. Is the game "short" or are people never satisfied with anything?

I pick option number two.

AfterTouch, which allows you to control the flight of projectiles such as arrows and cannon balls, its just loads of fun.

The game has a strong story and highly paid voice and motion capture actors. They do the trick, the dialog and animation is well done.

I stopped playing, as it is 3 AM, at the beginning of Chapter 2, which is where the really short demo was taken from.

I envision a few playthroughs to unlock everything. There are advanced combo moves to unlock, as well as an entire unlock shop (special features) with concept art, movies, etc.

Is it a purchase? It is likely a rental for most, but I do not rent games. Is it a game I will play months down the road? Likely.

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