Tiger Woods 08 is Buggy

I really do not see how these things get missed during QA, especially a show stopped like this. In the Tiger Challege there is a Skins challenge that is glitches. Late in the round it will freeze your console.

This means a number of Achievement Points are not obtainable (reminding me of Tiger 06) not to mention you cannot unlock one of the new (beautiful) courses in the game. On top of that, you cannot unlock Henrietta Brockway.

But we are not done with the agony of one of my favorite game franchises. Photo Game Face is also broken. You cannot upload photos to the EA servers. You can use Xbox Live Vision, sure, but uploading photographs would generate much better results.

Someone I played online told me the Tiger Challenge glitch was on Elite 360s only, fancy that, I just got my Elite. However, I just tried it on a non-Elite and it froze too. I hope a patch is on its way.

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