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November 2, 2007

Regarding "broken street date" Rock Band copies for sale

OK, this is priceless, and possibly the funniest thing I have heard in a while. Matt, working at a retail chain, should get even more enjoyment out of this. Who is the bigger idiot? The guy who buys it or the guy who sells it?

Hey all,

I just wanted to officially talk about the sudden influx of broken street date bundles that are being sold. First of all they aren't "real" versions of the game, they are demos for the store that are getting accidentally sold. Retailers don't have bundles sitting in the back room just waiting for November 20th. These demo builds are kind of hobbled - for one the drums don't have kick pedals. Some of the demos don't have mics. And the build isn't a full-real retail version of the game. It is hobbled a bit and, obviously, the bass drum autoplays since there is no pedal that comes with the demo.

I guess what I am saying is beware of any auctions that might show up the next few days, and please alert me to them if you see them as it is quite obviously a huge mistake. I know how badly y'all want to get your hands on the game but it is only 19 more days until it comes out.


Oh and be sure to read this post, copied from CAG.

I can see the jokes/headlines now... "The most expensive demo ever!"

Do you think this will become a collectors item?

November 4, 2007

Great Documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church

Fascinating look at a freakish cult that pickets military funerals. Just seeing them in action as the words come out of their mouth is unbelievable. Especially tragic is when the kid has no clue what they're doing holding a sign at a picket and another is blasted by a cup from a passing car. It's an hour long, but well worth the time. Disgusting people, but impossible to stop watching.

November 7, 2007

Look How Well These Two Go Together


This might take some explaining for it to really sink in. I know, it is funny already. The Guitar Hero III Companion Pack CD comes with three songs you can download and play in Guitar Hero III. See, now that is sweet irony.

Sadly I am not at BlogWorld

I really wanted to go, seeing as Blogcritics has a big presence there. But alas, when money from clients doesn't come in, and contracts get held up in red tape, things like flying to Vegas for three days are not that important.

I am sure those who went will have great stories to tell. I would have liked to see the Mark Cuban and Leo Laporte keynotes, as well as be part of the two panel discussions headed by Eric Olsen. Hopefully next time.

Win Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles from Blogcritics

Yep, we are holding a giveaway and I just put it on the site just a little bit ago. Is this the best PSP game this year? It is sure in the running.

November 9, 2007

Guitar Hero III Soundtrack, DLC News

Hey did you know they released a soundtrack for the game? They did, and you should read my review. We always try and come up with nifty subheads for our BC articles, and I am quite proud of mine for this one: The 411 on the DLC including AFI for GHIII on the 360 + Review.

It comes with three songs to play in the game, which is the real reason to get the soundtrack. Well that and the remix of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

In other GHIII news, two pieces of DLC were released, both 500 MS Points ($6.25) and of course this brought the Internet fanboys to a frenzy once again. The three-song packs are from Velvet Revolver and Foo Fighters. I personally like the Foo Fighters one better.

Also, Activision will release the Battle Pack later this month, and proving they are not the new EA (charging for DLC that is already on the disc) this will be free of charge. We will finally be able to play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" outside of the career boss battle.

You know, like it should have been when we got the disc. Like pick up and play co-op should have been on the disc, too. The PS3 is getting the download packs, I guess they are getting the title update sometime in the next century to enable co-op quickplay... but man do Wii owners of GHIII have the short end of the stick on this one -- no title update (that we know of, I am guessing here) plus no DLC (there have been no announcements of DLC coming to the Wii version) which means they cannot play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" outside of the career battle.

I am not upset about it. Naw, no way.

Here is a thought Neversoft (and every other developer who seems to be doing this recently -- read: all of them) Lets start putting the content on the disc. It is a really simple concept, and it has worked for years.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 DLC

Tiger 08 has two courses for download. This week Turnberry was released for free. This course was in Tiger 07 so it was odd they did not have it in this year's game. This one is free, did I mention that?

Dural Golf Resort is also available for 400 MS Points ($5) and is a really challenging course that has been in past Tiger games.

While it is nice to see them bringing more and more real life courses to Tiger on the 360/PS3, some of those fantasy courses are really fun to play. Maybe next year?

Talking about the PS3, these two courses are not available on the PlaySation Store. This is not too surprising for me, as DLC on the PS3 has been lucklaster at best thus far.

November 13, 2007

Beautiful Katamari has 1250 Points

Did you know that Beautiful Katamari has 1250 possible Gamerscore points? Neither did I. Nor did I know a game to have that many points without a download (Oblivion, Gears of War).

I also see no downloadable levels yet. So there is one achievement that, so far, the developer/publisher is making impossible to obtain. Good job guys! Thats even worse than NBA Live 07.

The game is "budget" priced at $40, and the game is fun. It also has a sticker slapped on it that says "Only on Xbox 360." At least for now, its not coming to the PS3, rumors nonwithstanding, of course.

Fun game, I am glad I got it.

November 27, 2007

Tomb Raider: Anniversary DLC Major Bummer for Gamerscore Whores

It really shocks me that none of the major news sites, nor the two biggest gaming blogs (Kotaku, Joystiq) took the time to collect all the facts on this one. From reading the comments, they have left their readers scratching their heads.

If you download Tomb Raider: Anniversary you will only be able to obtain 250 Gamerscore from it, not the full 1000 if you bought the retail disc. It took me little time to confirm this with Eidos. The reason is that Microsoft restricts DLC to have no more than 250 additional points.

Now, for the sake of completeness, here is the information that you might already know: You will need Tomb Raider Legend to play the Anniversary DLC. There are two separate downloads, the first containing Chapter 1, 2, and Croft Mansion; the second containing Chapter 3 and 4. The downloads are 1.5 and 1.6 GB, totaling 3.1 GB of disk space on your hard drive, and cost 1200 MSP a piece.

So, in real world money, 2400 MSP is $30. This is $10 less than the (new) retail disc, and as stated, only comes with 1/4 the Gamerscore.

I bet you can find Anniversary at $30 used by now for the 360, save yourself 3.1 GB on your hard drive, and get the full 1000 Gamerscore.

I am speculating here, but I bet the DLC piggy-backed on to Legend was the best possible solution, as Microsoft does not have any avenue in place for full game downloads. XBLA games are capped at 200 Gamerscore, though I believe they fit into the 250 additional Gamerscore for DLC (though I am not certain on that).

I would think the Anniversary DLC would fit under "Demos and More" but I am going to bet that there is no way to attach Gamerscore to any of the "and More" part of that category.

Back before the 360 retail disc was announced, the DLC of Anniversary made sense. Now, not so much.

David Bowie Rock Band DLC is LIVE

In case you did not know, the David Bowie three-pack is up on LIVE for Rock Band. "Heroes" and "Queen Bitch" are covers, but "Moonage Daydream" is a master track. I personally would have rather had an original recording of "Heroes," but oh well.

Guitar wise they are not that difficult, even on Hard -- and that is saying something coming from me. Medium bored me to death, I can't imagine how slow Easy would be with these songs.

I have not tried it with Drums yet, and I am sure they will be difficult songs to sing, but I think it is safe to say that all songs in Rock Band are not easy for me to sing.

All good Bowie songs to download, you should check them out if you have the game. And as with the rest of the DLC, you can cherry pick if you do not want all three.

Shrek-n-Roll Achievement Glitch

Most games give you the Achievement Points that you earned while playing the demo if you purchase the game. In fact, the majority of them actually taunt you with them. Not Shrek-n-Roll.

I played through the demo levels, which is three in total I believe, payed for the game, and completed the first full level, getting the "Top of the Class" Achievement for clearing Worchestershire Academy.

The problem is that there is a 5 point Achievement "Get Your Feet Wet" for clearing just the first board. It would not give this to me, even if I started a new game.

I deleted the game, that did not work. I tried on another profile, which worked just fine. So the solution is to go into the System Blade, Memory, Games, Shrek-n-Roll and delete the save file (it will have your Gamertag) and start the game again. Then, you will get the "Get Your Feet Wet" Achievement.

I know I am getting flack for this, but its a fun little puzzle game. In fact, I cannot think of another dual-analog puzzler, at least not like this one.

Hitman (The Movie) Review

Although it is not getting drug through the mud by press, the movie was a disapointment. Jordan and I went to see it before Thanksgiving, and we should have seen Beowulf.

In the video game series, Agent 47 is a clone, all the assassins are clones. In the movie, they are just orphans raised to be silent assassins. So the fact that they have bar codes tatood to the back of theirs heads makes no sense in the movie. They have bar codes in the game because they are clones.

The movie has many plot threads, a couple of which are just plain confusing, and the hooker plot thread is entirely uneeded. Why does 47 need her again? One plot line, maybe more, were not fully resolved, but I am not about to see it again to try and figure it out.

The movie has a heck of a lot of action. The action is not bad. But this is a movie based on a video game called Hitman, not Blow Shit Up All The Time. Its the same thing as if they made a movie and called it Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid and in realiity it was just Die Hard 4 with the title of Splinter Cell.

Agent 47 makes stealth kills, that is his job, and that is how he gets paid. Hells bells, the second game is even called Silent Assassin.

While Dougray Scott played a believable role, Timothy Olyphant is not a cold hearted killer. He looks like a big ole' teady bear with his head shaved. He worked in Die Hard 4 quite well, not in Hitman, though.

The movie has a funny sex scene. Nika gets on top of 47 and tries to seduce him into having sex. Having no social skills whatsover, he plants a syringe in the topless womans neck, nocking her out.

Another funny bit, as 47 breaks through a hotel window running away from the Russian police, two kids are playing Hitman: Blood Money. It is a split second clip, but you see the iconic back of 47's head (in the video game).

The movie had decent action, a couple scenes with tits, and some rye humor, but it was not a Hitman movie.

It is worth seeing at the matenee price.

Rock Band Commercials

The Rock Band commercials are pretty funny. But they show zero game footage. That is, in my opinion, pretty dumb considering kids are going to be asking their parents for a $170 game.

Sure, the kids have seen the game and possibly played it at Best Buy or something, but showing some game play so that mom or dad sitting at home could see the game wouldn't hurt.

Or maybe it was a choice not to show game play as four people jumping around a living room playing a video game would just look silly in a TV commercial.

November 28, 2007

Man flogs wife's box on eBay

It is not as bad as it sounds, but it is NSFW. The Reg has the full details. The Reg has had some funny stuff in the past, but this one is pretty good.

How to Tell a Hard Landing, with Mass Effect

Interesting read of what is not in Mass Effect.

Rock Band vs. Real Band

A well written column from Slate that you should read: Sleater-Kinney's guitarist tests out the new video game Rock Band.

My Gamerscore Passes 15,000

While I am not the Elite Score Whore that Matt is (he has the badge to prove this) I have passed 15,000, and actually made it to 16,000 without breaking a sweat, thanks to Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, The Simpsons Game, and to a lesser extent PGR 4.

I would say 16,000 Gamerscore in a matter of two years is pretty good. I don't have the 52,000 Gamerscore that Matt does, but I don't play as much (or as many games).

According to my Xbox 360 blog, I only play 56.6% of my games (97.3% for Matt). That is probably pretty close. I have had my 360voice account for over a year now, so the data it tracks is pretty accurate.

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