Beautiful Katamari has 1250 Points

Did you know that Beautiful Katamari has 1250 possible Gamerscore points? Neither did I. Nor did I know a game to have that many points without a download (Oblivion, Gears of War).

I also see no downloadable levels yet. So there is one achievement that, so far, the developer/publisher is making impossible to obtain. Good job guys! Thats even worse than NBA Live 07.

The game is "budget" priced at $40, and the game is fun. It also has a sticker slapped on it that says "Only on Xbox 360." At least for now, its not coming to the PS3, rumors nonwithstanding, of course.

Fun game, I am glad I got it.

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Njiska [TypeKey Profile Page]:

There's Downloadable content in Asia. And it's 28 KB. Got love paying to unlock content. Fucking Namco.

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