David Bowie Rock Band DLC is LIVE

In case you did not know, the David Bowie three-pack is up on LIVE for Rock Band. "Heroes" and "Queen Bitch" are covers, but "Moonage Daydream" is a master track. I personally would have rather had an original recording of "Heroes," but oh well.

Guitar wise they are not that difficult, even on Hard -- and that is saying something coming from me. Medium bored me to death, I can't imagine how slow Easy would be with these songs.

I have not tried it with Drums yet, and I am sure they will be difficult songs to sing, but I think it is safe to say that all songs in Rock Band are not easy for me to sing.

All good Bowie songs to download, you should check them out if you have the game. And as with the rest of the DLC, you can cherry pick if you do not want all three.

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