Regarding "broken street date" Rock Band copies for sale

OK, this is priceless, and possibly the funniest thing I have heard in a while. Matt, working at a retail chain, should get even more enjoyment out of this. Who is the bigger idiot? The guy who buys it or the guy who sells it?

Hey all,

I just wanted to officially talk about the sudden influx of broken street date bundles that are being sold. First of all they aren't "real" versions of the game, they are demos for the store that are getting accidentally sold. Retailers don't have bundles sitting in the back room just waiting for November 20th. These demo builds are kind of hobbled - for one the drums don't have kick pedals. Some of the demos don't have mics. And the build isn't a full-real retail version of the game. It is hobbled a bit and, obviously, the bass drum autoplays since there is no pedal that comes with the demo.

I guess what I am saying is beware of any auctions that might show up the next few days, and please alert me to them if you see them as it is quite obviously a huge mistake. I know how badly y'all want to get your hands on the game but it is only 19 more days until it comes out.


Oh and be sure to read this post, copied from CAG.

I can see the jokes/headlines now... "The most expensive demo ever!"

Do you think this will become a collectors item?

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