Tomb Raider: Anniversary DLC Major Bummer for Gamerscore Whores

It really shocks me that none of the major news sites, nor the two biggest gaming blogs (Kotaku, Joystiq) took the time to collect all the facts on this one. From reading the comments, they have left their readers scratching their heads.

If you download Tomb Raider: Anniversary you will only be able to obtain 250 Gamerscore from it, not the full 1000 if you bought the retail disc. It took me little time to confirm this with Eidos. The reason is that Microsoft restricts DLC to have no more than 250 additional points.

Now, for the sake of completeness, here is the information that you might already know: You will need Tomb Raider Legend to play the Anniversary DLC. There are two separate downloads, the first containing Chapter 1, 2, and Croft Mansion; the second containing Chapter 3 and 4. The downloads are 1.5 and 1.6 GB, totaling 3.1 GB of disk space on your hard drive, and cost 1200 MSP a piece.

So, in real world money, 2400 MSP is $30. This is $10 less than the (new) retail disc, and as stated, only comes with 1/4 the Gamerscore.

I bet you can find Anniversary at $30 used by now for the 360, save yourself 3.1 GB on your hard drive, and get the full 1000 Gamerscore.

I am speculating here, but I bet the DLC piggy-backed on to Legend was the best possible solution, as Microsoft does not have any avenue in place for full game downloads. XBLA games are capped at 200 Gamerscore, though I believe they fit into the 250 additional Gamerscore for DLC (though I am not certain on that).

I would think the Anniversary DLC would fit under "Demos and More" but I am going to bet that there is no way to attach Gamerscore to any of the "and More" part of that category.

Back before the 360 retail disc was announced, the DLC of Anniversary made sense. Now, not so much.

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