Blister Packaging of Doom

You know how we kid about blister packaging slicing your finger/arm/head off when trying to open consumer electronics?

Yea, well, thats not so funny right now. Why? Because in trying to open the package for a Classic Controller, the packaging actually did slice a rather substantial gash in my finger, requiring six stitches.

Okay, so I was joking about the stitches, but it did take a Band-Aid.

Luckily I am not a bleeder, or that could have spelled ultimate doom to the oh so innocent Classic Controller.

Damn blister packaging.

Comments (2)

Matt Paprocki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

That's what you get for buying Wii products.

Jordan Fouts [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Actually you'd think Wii products would be the most child safe. Like jumbo crayons and safety scissors and those lollypops with the soft looped stick so retards don't poke their eyes out or choke to death.

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