Does it have to pulse blue every flipping time?

Dear Nintendo

Does the damn Wii have to pulse blue incessantly every time you have an "important" new message, updated firmware or not? I mean, come on folks.

The PS3 doesn't go all 2001: A Space Odyssey on you when it has a firmware update, and neither does the Xbox 360.

"But Ken" you say, "just turn off WiiConnect24!" That is a great idea, but then I might miss a Wii Friend [Code] request that I might just miss anyways because the WiiConnect24 service likes to flaky like that and lose those 12-digit Friend Code requests in the ether.

Maybe you do this so people actually turn on their Wii every once in a while, to make sure it doesn't collect too much dust. Here is a hint, it does make me turn on my Wii, but I am frustrated when I turn it on. I get to the menu and turn the bleeping thing off. Do you want your customers annoyed when they go to play your console?

But on a serious note, Nintendo: stop with the ungodly annoying pulsing blue Wii lights whenever you have an "important" message to send us or a firmware update comes out. When I turn the Wii on I see the little messages icon in the lower right is pulsing - that is enough of a visual cue thankyouverymuch. While you are at it, I emplore you to give me more reasons not to sell my Wii on eBay for MAD INSANE profits before Christmas. In other words Nintendo, your little white box needs better games that appeal to your older audience. Lest it die a slow and painful death under the weight of the deluge of utter craotastic broken ports and "casual" games that are no more casual than they are fun.

Thanks, hugs and kisses,


P.S. You forgot to mention something in your little message today. You updated the animation loop that plays on the Wii Shop Channel. Way to go, nice work! It totally looks more like a shopping channel now with the little shopping bag icon. Kudos to your art department.

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Jordan Fouts [TypeKey Profile Page]:


While that was funny, Jordan had some other hilarious comments about this:

dude that thing just needs a big PLAYSKOOL on the side and be done with it, or it should ship with one of those bike helmets that retards wear ALL THE TIME

Juga points out to me that you can turn the blue light off and keep WiiConnect24 on.

However, I still want the blue light to glow if I have a friend request or a message. That is when the glowing makes sense. That is when I actually want to turn my Wii on.

Imediatly turning my Wii on for a firmware upgrade? Not so much.

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