First PS3 Unreal Tournament III Mod Out

Unreal Tournament III on the PS3 is a watershed moment for console games. There have been level editors in console games before (Far Cry Instincts Predator, Halo 3) but user created content has been confined to the walls of the console.

Good for Epic and good for Sony to truly bring user created content to the console space. It is just a shame J Allard was all talk a couple years ago.

FilePlanet has the first bit of PS3 UT3 mod goodness, a Deathmatch map called Shrine. And its not bad at all. I was expecting the worst though.

My biggest problem, and its been a week or more since the release of the game on PS3, is that normal human beings still cannot "cook" mods for the PS3. This Shrine map came courtesy of Epic, because they have yet released the update to the Unreal Editor for PC to be able to package content for the PS3 yet.

How many mods is Epic going to cook for us until they release the software that should have been out on Day One of the PS3 release of the game? I appreciate finally being able to use the feature, but don't you think it would be a neat idea of the user could produce the user-generated content (from start to finish).

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