Game Informer on Time Crisis 4

Now, I usually do not question what others write in their reviews. I know I am far from the best person to review games, products, etc. But when I look at the broad range of reviews, and then I start reading them, I can tell who has most likely never stepped foot into an arcade, or has no interest or knowledge of arcade games, or just choses to ignore the history of the genre.

I am all for bucking the trend of beeing a sheep and giving the game the same score as everyone else -- if it makes sense -- but I expect there to be substance to back up claims. I also fully understand that writers do not agree, even remotely, on game merits. Believe me, you would not want to hear some of the arguments myself, Matt, and Njiska have had over Xbox Live over games such as Shadow of the Collosus or Dead or Alive 4, to name just a couple. But this Game Informer review is just an odd one out. Some excerpts:

I wish I had good news for you, but judging from this game’s merits, the rail shooting gun genre should be shot and put in the ground.

Okay, now tell me why you think that...

Once the game starts, players will be astounded to realize that no-reticle is the standard default approach to gameplay. In fact, only some of the levels even offer you the option to turn it back on.

Please tell me, what is the point of a light gun shooter with an on-screen reticle?

The strangely designed cover system has you popping up and down like a hyperactive rabbit, so you never really get a full view of the action.

Yes, and of course Gears of War (insert any other modern game that uses a similar cover system) is completely different in that regard.

Is it just me or are you scratching your head too? Njiska posted this on Digg, I wonder if it will get any comments.

What do I think of Time Crisis 4? I am so glad you asked.

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