Less Than 500 MB Left on PS3

A handy alert message popped up on my PS3 today. I have less than 500 MB left on my PS3. Wha? This is a 60 GB hard drive. Granted, I have a 10 GB Linux partition, but still.

It seems I am running into similar problems I had on my Xbox 360. Arcade games, PS1 games, demos, and movies are killing my drive. It does not help of course when games such as High Velocity Bowling are 514 MB (Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online is 603 MB, Warhawk 789 MB, Gran Turismo HD Concept 632 MB -- you get the idea).

And now is where I give the Xbox 360 a big fat F for expandability. And that F is for WTF! The 120 GB hard drive for the 360 costs $180.

For my PS3, I can get a Seagate 160 GB hard drive for about $120 and install it in minutes. I have even found cheaper prices, so YMMV.

Anyways, its nice that the PS3 has the handy alert, or I would have never known. I will need to make that upgrade soon.

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jdeeze [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thats the joy of technology. 3 years ago 40GBs were alot, now if your not talking terrabytes, your not saying anything. Cool little warning that the PS3 gives though

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