Movable Type Authorized Reseller Program

Six Apart has finally taken their wraps off their MT Reseller program. I have always been a big supporter of the MT platform. I donated to it back in the 1.x days, joined the ProNet when Six Apart launched it, and do quite a bit of MT-based development.

This past week my application was approved for the reseller program, and want to say thanks to Byrne and all that have been working on this, it is great to have such a program. Six Apart has been quite busy lately, MTOS is another recent announcement, too.

So for all my Meancode Media clients, which includes The Flying Olive, this means I can now resell Movable Type for projects that I help develop.

Becoming a MT Reseller comes with some nice perks, too. Not only is there a discount on products, there is a Reseller mailing list, a Movable Type Commercial 5-User License, and technical support.

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