PC PlayStation Store Rocks, Mostly

Beats came out today. It is a music/rythem game for the PSP. I have a a small complaint.

1) You cannot purchase this and download it on the PS3 PlayStation store, though you can purchase and transfer PSOne games to a PSP from the PS3. You are forced to use the PC PlayStation store.

2) Once you purchase Beats, you only really download a 4k file from the web site. You must install a "PLAYSTATION®Network Downloader" to actually transfer the game to your PSP. This software does not work on a Mac.

3) Nowhere that I can find on the web site does it tell you that you can actually download it onto your PS3 once you have purchased it on the PC Store (the two stores share the same account). If I can download it on my PS3 once I purchased it on the PC Store, why not also offer it on the PS3 PlayStation Store.

4) Just for the hell of it, why not have a PSP PlayStation Store? You know, because these are PSP games we are downloading.

Before I even get to the question of "Why isn't this client application available for the Mac?" I have other, more important questions, such as:

What is the need of an inbetween application to transfer a game from a PC to my PSP? When I download a PSOne game on my PS3, I plug in a USB cable, and transfer it right to my PSP, with no extra step needed.

I already know the answer to the Mac question. Sony doesn't make any PSP related software for the Mac, why would they make this application work on the Mac? I mean, no one uses Macs anymore, right?

The PC PlayStation Store gets most everything right. It uses the same account and digital wallet you may have already setup on your PS3. Your download list is also linked between PS3 and PC PlayStation stores.

So I guess the moral of this story is: If you do not own a PC, you had better own a PS3 to transfer your PSP games bought from the PlayStation Store to your PSP.

Is it too much to ask to have a user friendly way of getting the games we want to play?

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