What does Microsoft have against Bowling Green?

Dear Microsoft,

I find this odd. When I try and update the Location field in my XBL profile, it will not accept "Bowling Green, OH" or "Bowling Green" or "BowlingGreen" or even "B0w1ing Gr33n" or "B0w£1n9 9r33n" but it will take "Bowling" or "Green". I have seen many others list their city and state.

"Your location contains a word or phrases that isn't allowed. Please try again."

So, can you please explain to me why I cannot put in Bowling Green, OH



UPDATE: I got a response from our MS rep:

You should be aware that recent changes to the Patriot Act have made living in Bowling Green a federal offense, therefore we are unable to process any requests that contain that phrase.

Umm…yeah, so that’s really odd. I have a friend that works in the Xbox LIVE ops center that I’ll check with to see why you’re getting flagged. I’ll give you a holler when I hear back from him.

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