Xbox Live 100 Friend Cap

Kotaku is running a quote about the friend cap in Xbox Live, of 100. It was also covered in one of Major Nelson's interviews in the LIVE is 5IVE series.

Here is my comment:

Yes it is a must fix feature, really. I belong to a number of gaming communities and have a number of friends (and yes, some "friends" too) from esch. My list is maxed and I always have to prune. Between my real life friends and my friends from different web sites, 100 is too little.

The PS3 has this same problem, though the dependency of hardcoded 100 from Xbox 1 obviously does not exist on the PSN.

For a much better explanation, download the LIVE is 5IVE Major Nelson interview. I cannot remember which member eof the team he was talking to, but one of them explained the reason why.

Sure it might not be a problem with most, but it is a problem for enough people, including several Microsoft employees, that it is a matter we are bitching about.

Some other comments that are quite relevant:

...All of you people condemning people with large friends lists obviously don't play a lot of multiplayer on Xbox Live.

I like how people are defending a 100 friend cap like it's a good thing.

XBL Silver FTW!

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