A Note on Chain Letters

This is too funny not to post about. This kid I know, lets call him "Bob" sent me a chain letter yesterday. Now I don't know about you, but when I get chain letters I hit DELETE as soon as I can. And "Bob" helped me out, he put in the subject line: chain letter.

Today I get another email from "Bob" with the subject: this is yet another chain letter. You can guess what I did with both of those emails.

Not only that, he added about 50 email addresses to the TO field, including mine of course. So "Bob" I have some words of advice for you:

1) Learn the ways of the BCC field, it is your friend.
2) If you want anyone to read your chain letter, don't use "chain letter" in the subject.
3) Some people, but not me, will simply blacklist people who send them chain letters.
4) If you don't get it by now, people, myself included, hate chain letters.

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