Fender Bender (Damn College Kids)

Driving to work this morning, I am dealing with a hosting crisis, and I get nailed in the rear bumper pretty hard. The bad luck just continues through the day, too.

I am stopped at a red light at the corner of South College and Wooster, light turns green so I put my foot on the gas - but not right away, you know, because the guy in front of me still has his breaks on.

And WHAM I am struck in the back, about choke to death on the seat belt. A red Sunfire hit me right in the middle of the bumper.

Some young college kid, on his way to get flowers for his fraternity (I didn't ask). He says he saw the green light and just hit the gas, yes, he sure did.

My foot was on the gas too, and so I shot forward pretty fast, but I had enough clearing distance that I did not hit the guy in front of me.

The kid got sighted for not enough clearing distance. I got his insurance information, all of which is in his fathers name.

No major damage on the outside, just a blemish on the rear bumper. The Sunfire's license plate buckled my bumper. You can still see the impression of where the numbers on the license plate hit the plastic bumper.

At the Theyer Body Shop I got an estimate. $889 for Rear Bumper, Bumper Cover, Absorber, Center Bracket, and Reinforcements.

Like I said I was busy today dealing with web sites being down, so I did not get further than that. State Farm tells me to call this guy's insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance of Hartford, which I believe is thehartford.com, though I have never heard of them.

Yea, the 800 number I was given is The Hartford.

Hope they do the right thing and repair my bumper, of my one year old car.

I will post pictures tomorrow, it is too dark right now, even in a well lit parking lot.

Ironically Burnout Paradise is out this week, where you are supposed to crash into people.

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Aaman [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm glad no one was injured. Look forward to the pics. Sounds like a case of being too fast on the trigger, not unusual at that age:)

Matt Paprocki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Artist recreation of Ken's accident:

Matt Paprocki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Shit. Didn't take. Attempting to save the joke with this:


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