FOX News on Mass Effect Sex Debate

But oh, what's this? You invited the capable Geoff Keighley on the show to combat the embarrassingly uninformed opinions of one Ms. Cooper Lawrence (loving that book cover, Cooper), a "developmental psychologist" who literally laughs at the mere prospect of playing a video game before flapping her gums about it on national television. Sure, they don't give Geoff enough time to get as many punches in as we'd have liked to see, but that double dose of "that's completely incorrect" is sure to leave a mark in the morning.
Source: Joystiq

I talked about this debacle on last week's Multiplayer Chat radio show ( seems to have taken the entire article down, deleted it from their system. but you can read about the "virtual orgasmic rape" because of Google Cache -- the first page anyways).

Well now this video from FOX News just has to be the worst bit of mainstream media I have seen covering video games. Ever. It is just appalling to watch. But just like a train wreck, you cannot look away. Props to Geoff Keighley for trying to set things strait. When Ms. Cooper Lawrence laughed at the question of if she had played the game, I just lost it.

For those who are not in the know, allow me to spell it out for you:

Mass Effect has NO full frontal nudity.

The game is labeled Mature and it is not the governments job (or media) to be the parent and monitor what their kids have access to. Ironically enough. It is the parents job.

You cannot have sex with anyone you wish in Mass Effect.

If you do not develop the relationship, you could play the entire game without the sex scene. Sounds like real life, no?

In the sex scene, you see the side of a boob, blurred, and a small portion of a butt. Again, there is no full frontal nudity in Mass Effect.

I could pick apart line for line what these FOX talking heads had to say, but I will lave you with this: FOX News needs its head examined, not the ESRB. At least Jack Thompson does his research.

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