Happy 5th Birthday Breaking Windows!

Keen readers will notice I added the monthly archives back to the home page. Yep, I have been publishing here since January, 2003. Matt started to contribute soon after.

No joke, the first post, dated January 1, 2003, is titled "What is this blog." Wow do those early posts look bad. We sure have come a long way in five years.

What started out as an experiment of a Mac user using a Windows workstation for creative and web work (that failed) turned into a blog on technology, gaming, and, just about anything we want to rant about. It has been great fun.

This also means I have been using Movable Type for five years now, and MT has also changed quite a bit. It is pretty cool having a blog for five years.

I did some (minor) updating for the splendid occasion. "Recent Posts" now shows up on the article pages, and monthly archives is back on the home page. I said it was minor. OH! I also set it to display 15 posts on the home page, instead of 10.

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