Rambo: Holy Crap That's Violent Part IV

As an aside to my full review soon to be posted on Blogcritics, I had to get this out. This movie isn't just violent. It creates it's own category for sheer brutality. It's not the type of shock that you see in Saw or torture junk. This IS pure, unquestionable VIOLENCE. I don't even know another way to put it. Off the top of my head, you'll see:

A guy completely exploding after stepping on a mine
A kid tossed into a fire while still alive
A guy severed in a half by turret fire
A .50 cal rifle popping heads like a zit
Innocent kids shot at point blank, or roasted by a flamethrower
A man strung up while being eaten by wild boars
A gang rape on three women by 50+ drunken soldiers
A mans intestines spilled after being gutted alive (then being kicked down a hill as his innards leave a trail)
A man's throat being ripped out - slowly - with Rambo's bare hands
An arrow through an enemy's head, only to knock him onto a mine causing him to explode

This all comes after actual footage of the Burma Civil War that has loads of carnage and dead bodies (some in various states of decomposition). It's unreal, and definitely not for anyone even remotely squeamish. The movie definitely builds its villains, and when the time comes, they definitely get theirs and you'll see every detail. Oh, and the camera doesn't just cut away, it lingers or repeats shots for the full effect. How the hell this got an R I'll never know. The inevitable unrated cut will be worse, I'm sure.

Holy shit was this violent.

Comments (2)

Njiska [TypeKey Profile Page]:

What a piece of shit. That's all i can say about Rambo. And it wasn't violent, it was just gruesome and in a rather flaky fashion.

Matt Paprocki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Move along people. The Canadian without taste will leave soon.

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