The Blu-ray Saga Grows

If you read this site on a regular basis (get a life!), then you probably remember the saga of me getting a Blu-ray player. If not, here's the story. Well, even that was apparently too easy, as things took a turn from frustrating to "absolutely freakin' ridiculous" in a matter of a few days. The saga continues:

On January 2nd, I purchased the Blu-ray player from Best Buy. In their January 6th advertisement, they began offering five free movies in-store with the purchase of any Blu-ray player.

After calling their corporate service number, I confirmed that I could take the player back and repurchase it to receive the free movies. The service desk refunded the player. I selected my movies, and returned to the desk and repurchased the item.

Everything was fine until I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck on the 11th only to learn my account was overdrawn by $362, with further fees to follow. What happened? The re-sale of the player went through the same day as the purchase, even though the refund was processed first. The refund took two extra days to complete. other transactions came through during that two day period, also overdrafting in the process.

I spoke with the bank's branch manager and eventually to their corporate phone number as well. By the end of the day, the bank had lifted $243 in fees as a "courtesy," the most they claimed they would be able to do.

This still left me negative, and the bank told me to call Best Buy. That night, Best Buy said it was not their fault, but the banks since they took an extended amount of time to process the refund. Today, Saturday the 11th, I was assessed more fees, $78. In addition, there will be another $147 in fees still to come by the close of business tonight.

I called the corporate number at the bank again to figure out the fees. These were for additional transactions that came through the night before which the fee refund did not cover and I was still in the negative. Again, I was told to call Best Buy and have them call my bank, as it was their fault that they did not send the information about the refund prior to sending the sale information.

After speaking with two supervisors at Best Buy, I have no resolution. The one told me it was common sense that a debit card refund could take 7 to 10 days, and everyone knows this (and I quote) “like they know to take products to the register to pay for them.” I've worked retail for 10+ years and at a service desk for about five. This is news to me. It’s a common business practice and does not need to be posted in store or on the receipt according to Best Buy.

The other supervisor said Best Buy would not refund overdraft fees as it is the consumer’s requirement to have enough money in their account to cover the sale. I would have if they processed the refund first, which was how the transaction was completed in the first place. I completely lost it on the second supervisor to the point where he hung up on me. I have a massively long fuse, and you really need to try to set me off. He did.

In the end, I will be out around $550 for these “free” movies unless something is done. I went to the BBB, the Attorney General, Toledo 11's I-Team, and shot this same post off to the Consumerist. This is far from over.

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You should have had them just refund the re-purchase. Oh wait...

Seriously you have the worst luck with technology.

Njiska [TypeKey Profile Page]:

An incredibly long fuse, my fucking coddlings.

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