Verizon Gives Best Excuse Yet for No Service

I don't think I've ever posted about this here before, but Ken is certainly aware of our issues with Verizon. Simply put, we cannot get a signal anywhere in our house. The last month was the worst. I made 36 calls, 16 of which were dropped. My mom made 18, 9 were dropped. That doesn't include the times calls didn't even make it to me, or the times I hung up myself because I wasn't able to hear anybody. So, the following are the excuses we were given previously:

New construction in the area
We live too close to the water
Too many trees near our home
Falling leaves due to the change in seasons

However, the next one is simply the greatest excuse ever given by a customer service representative in the history of customer service:

Solar flares. Really.

Apparently, the sun has a made a beeline for our home, because less than a mile down the road, we have a perfect signal. The radiation must be killing us all, and must explain why our house is so warm (or maybe it's the new windows. Hmm).

The kicker? We didn't even get the call back to tell us our solar problems. It went to voice mail which came through an hour later. Ironic, no?

So, they'll be sending someone out to check the closest cell phone tower again (a little over two miles), though they claim there should be no problem. This is the last time we'll deal with this crap. The only reason we stuck with it was because everyone we know has Verizon, and no minutes are charged when calling someone on "the most reliable wireless network."

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