Accomplishment: River of Red has been unlocked!

Hey I think this calls for a celebration! Why? I just got my first PS3 "Accomplishment." I guess that is better than their original name, "Entitlement."

So my first Achievement, err, I mean Accomplishment, on the PS3: River of Red has been unlocked!. What is it for you say? Yea, so do I. What the hell does it mean?

There is no description. It is also on a lame XMB looking black screen. I had to consult someone who has the 360 version of DMC4. Which is lame, Sony. River of Red is for "acquired 10,000 red orbs."

How can they copy something so utterly engrossing about the 360 experience and make it un-fun?

I also got Rookie Devil Hunter, though I have no clue what the meaning of it is. Really, Sony, the point of getting Achievements/Accomplishments is that you feel as though you have accomplished something. And this is not feeling as though I have accomplished anything.

Ah, I found it, again thanks to the 360 version of DMC4: Rookie Devil Hunter (10 points): Defeat a total of 100 enemies. Well, except for the 10 points thing.

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