Alexi Eichelberb Must Go; Tiger Woods 08 Rant

Dear EA, I just dusted Tiger Woods 08 off my shelf and fired it up. It is nice to have the free Turnberry, Ailsa course that was in Tiger 07 as DLC, thanks for that. Did you ever release that, or the premium DLC for PS3 owners? I am pretty sure you didn't. Glad I have a 360. 

I am a nut when it comes to this game. I actually have Tiger Woods 08 for the 360, Wii, PSP and DS. Absolutely wonderful job on the DS version this year, keep up the good work! If you have not seen, as I am sure you have not, I have reviewed the 2006 and 2007 versions of the game (Matt covered 2008). Yes, I am a big fan of the series.

The reason I am writing is because of Alexi Eichelberb. You either need to nix him from the next game or have him SHUT THE HELL UP. As you know, when he tees off, he screams really loud. I cannot express in words how F'ing annoying that is. Especially when one has their speakers up loud. Either ditch the weight lifter, or take take out his "voice" tracks. That would be great.

Since I have you here, I have another suggestion, actually a strong suggestion/demand. Bingo Bango Bongo must go as well. It is, by far, the most lopsided and unfair game in the game. I have a silver medal on practically all the challenges in the Tiger Challenge, and many Gold, but I have a Bronze on nearly every single Bingo Bango Bongo event. Do you know why? Because that game is broken and unfair. Sure, you must win 2 our of 3 strokes to win, but that is virtually impossible because of the order in which the players take strokes. Take it out of Tiger.

My last suggestion for Tiger 09 is to ease up on the sensitivity for swings. I mean holy hell Batman! Tiger 07 was pretty good, but a player who has maxed out stats should not be shanking or slicing the ball off the tee so much. You can (and should!) make the game harder, but the swing sensitivity in Tiger 08 is not the answer. Thanks for listening, and I can't wait to see the next game! Ken Edwards

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