AOL ending all support for Netscape on March 1

Read this news from Ars.

It is kind of sad to read this. I may be dating myself here but I am old enough to remember Mosaic Netscape and NCSA Mosaic web browsers. Netscape IPO was in 1995, and I remember that, too.

Later there was the Netscape Navigator browser, I remember version 1.1N very well.

Netscape bot gobbled up by AOL in 1998. The rest they say is history. Netscape lives on in the Mozilla project, which makes Firefox, which has taken a nice little chunk out of the Internet Exploder marketshare.

Although I have not used Netscape Navigator in years, I do use Firefox every day. And before Internet Explorer happened with the release of the Windows 95 Plus Pack, Netscape Navigator was the browser people used.  Sort of just like Yahoo was the search engine people used before Google.

So this news is bittersweet for me.Netscape Navigator has been a bloated mess of an application for years, now at version 9 I believe. It no longer means anything on the web. Which is sad, because Netscape and NCSA used to mean everything on the web.

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